Consulting and Engineering

Ensuring governance and engineering for technical protections to data and systems is implemented correctly is key to successful risk management. We specialize in assisting the creation of roles, responsibilities,  policies and technical design to implement proper governance of cyber security according to ISO 27001 or ISACA guidance.

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Training is a fundamental pillar in any discipline. Cyber security is even more critical due to the many different ways in which it can be implemented in various industries. Whether you need a one day class on cyber security or an in depth three day seminar on industry specific implications, we have you covered. We […]

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24×7 Monitoring and Threat Management

Monitoring systems for unauthorized activities or other security events is a critical step in creating a fully functions cyber security program. We can assist in all realms of monitoring whether they be on your site or performed within our Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC). Our services are categorized into three distinct levels of security monitoring.

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