Cyber Security Consulting and Engineering Services

     Knowing how cyber security fits into your organization is key to providing proper risk management. This is complicated by the complexity that cyber security demands from each industry. We specialize in the creating proper governance structures to manage information security management along with the technical components for a secure architecture. Whether you are being audited for ISO/IEC 27001 or PCI compliance, the key elements do not change. Knowing risk and how it applies differently between infrastructure and production systems (IT vs OT) is at the core of our design process. Ensuring security is correctly applied uniformly across an organization allows for greater flexibility, cost savings and lower risk. Below are some of the specific areas we specialize in:

● Information security frameworks to follow (i.e. COBIT, ISO or NIST)
● Creating core cyber security governance functions

● Alignment of roles and responsibilities within an organization for cyber security
● Cyber security operations and monitoring
● Cloud validation and engineering services for PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS environments
● Enterprise infrastructure and architectural design
● Segmentation of production and infrastructure systems/data (IT vs OT)
● Design security around IoT, mobile apps and big data
● Data privacy protections for 
PPI (Personally Identifiable Information)
 Vulnerability Assessments

     The goal for our engineering services are to create an environment for self management. We believe that our customers should be fully engaged at every step to maintain the ability to understand the security measures we implement. Whether this is during the initial stages of building an organization’s cyber security operations or for a single complex project, we have you covered. As requirements v
ary from environment to environment, there is no standard solution. There is however a standard methodology. As seen below, we apply this methodology to our "Enterprise in a Box" solutions that can scale for companies of all sizes and complexity.  

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