Methodology is everything in the field of cyber security. Therefore, our cyber security engineers use industry best business practices and sound engineering solutions to protect organizational data and systems while focusing on production, quality assurance, regulatory requirements. Within cyber security there is a common saying that there is no one product that provides total security, hence the saying no “Silver Bullet in security”. This is the origin of the name of our company because we feel that using holistic and encompassing solutions for cyber security, you can incorporate methodologies, hardware, software, and training to achieve the goal of total security. Our solutions for cyber security are based around 6 core concepts:

  1. Business Requirements: All solutions must be designed to support and not hinder business requirements. Therefore, we include systems performance monitoring and detection to assist the IT and business departments achieve more than just security.
  2. Regulatory requirements: All legal requirements for security must be properly defined to achieve compliance.
  3. Infrastructure: The complexity and makeup of the infrastructure both IT and OT must be taken into consideration when designing appropriate security management. This is even more critical in situations where IT and OT are converging to support big data requirements.
  4. IT Competency: Not to be meant in a bad way, but the competency of the IT department is critical. If a system is too complex to be managed by the current staff it will detract from security rather than enhance it. Simple solutions are sometimes the best solutions. We follow the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) principle in this aspect.
  5. Threats: Once the first four concepts have been established, threat modeling is done to ensure the proper threat scenarios are given priority. For example, a small company with 50 employees has a completely different threat model than a multinational corporation that produces controversial products.
  6. Budget: We all wish this is not the most important aspect of engineering, but it is. Ensuring the best solution for the budget allowed is the final aspect of design ensuring all aspects that can be covered are for the amount given.

     We use this 6-step approach because of the pivotal role we play in your business. Silver Bullet Security is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the solutions we design, to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to your organization.

Cyber Security in Thailand

Secure Bangkok Conference

     Every year we hold an annual Cyber Security training event aimed at small and medium sized businesses. It focuses on the latest trends and security methods for for industries like hotels, medium size manufacturers or other other small businesses that struggle with the complexity of cyber security. We work with local governmental agencies like the ETDA, ThaiCERT and TCSD to present local content.  

     Silver Bullet Security L.L.C. was established in 2010 by Mr. Jason Young in Houston Texas with the sister company Silver Bullet Security Service Co. Ltd. Thailand joining later in 2018. As a cyber security company, it has always been a goal for us to focus on areas left out by the traditional larger firms. You could say that this is a personal mission by the founder as he noticed all resources within the security industry catering to large international firms that have the monetary resources for expensive security solutions. Thus, began our effort to design solutions and methodologies that bring security solutions to smaller enterprises. Examples of how we meet these challenges are through our mix of on premise and cloud-based solutions that focus on critical aspects of a company’s architecture. One example if our “enterprise in a box” solution that enable companies to migrate to a domain for the first time while establishing port security and proxy level services for internet security. 

Who We Are

  • We do not tie ourselves to any specific technology or on-premise/cloud-based solution, our six-step process defines that. 

     Starting with our six-step process to better understand your needs, we provide solutions that far exceed those of our competitors. A few other reasons that differentiate us include:

  • The ability to work with smaller companies providing basic solutions to meet their needs which have been historically unavailable due to budget constraints.
  • We put a large emphasis on performance and systems health monitoring to improve performance. This is because in the process of providing security many of this information is available at that time and can be provided in either reporting or 24x7 operations monitoring.

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Why Choose Silver Bullet Security

     As a Cyber Security company, it has always been a goal for us to focus on areas left out by the traditional larger firms. These include medium and small size businesses in locations that do not have the resources of multi-national corporations. Focusing on these areas has given us the ability to create innovative ways of providing security to this market while building a reputation for innovative and lasting results. What separates us from our competition is our consultants are engineers bred in the field of Cyber Security. It is shown through our commitment to staying current and provide secure solutions within the ever-changing IT and Cyber Security landscape.​

Our Methodology